Scar & Stretch Marks
Safe for All Skin Colors

Your Goal: To improve acne, chicken pox, cellulite,stretch marks and scars caused by accidents or burns.

Complexion Blending
Safe for All Skin ColorsYour Goal: 

To even skin tone so that you do not

need to wear makeup to cover up

dark spots and blemishes.

Acne & Scars

Safe for All Skin Colors

Your Goal: To finally stop adult acne

breakouts; to enjoy a clear smooth

complexion and skin


Skin Rejuvenation
Safe for All Skin Colors
Your Goal: To have a more youthful

appearance and reduce pore size, often

described as the "Southwest Glow.".

Skin Tightening
Safe for All Skin Colors
Your Goal: To firm and tighten your

facial and body skin to reveal a more
youthful appearance and tone.



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At Southwest,  We specialize in therapies for all skin types, regardless of ethnicity or skin color and take pride in our unparalleled expertise and experience in providing cosmetic care , laser treatments and medical spa services  in Houston, Texas. 

Southwest is committed to provide superior expertise to improve and enhance our patient's skin and beauty.
We are currently offering our
Southwesfacelyft™ - anti-aging treatments that can combine Botox, Dysport, Juvederm, Restylane, Radiesse.

Southwest laser services will be coming soon:
Complexion Blending - improve complexion and evening skin tones by removing dark spots, moles, blemishes, sun damage, veins and melasma. Texture Rejuvenation - improve facial skin texture by reducing pores and acne scars.

Tattoo Removal- Tatto can be permanent but it feels good to know you can have it removed by laser.
Scar Rejuvenation - improve body scars including stretch marks, cellulite & surgical scars.

Laser hair removal – remove unwanted hair from all body areas.
Acne Care – effective acne treatments that can combine products, prescriptions and lasers to finally be acne free and reduce acne scars.Southwest also offers medical skin products and spa treatments to help attain your skin care and beauty goals. We specialize in developing customized treatment regimens based on your individual specific skin type, color and ethnicity. 

Southwest has a large assortment of dermatologic and spa treatment options. Southwest treats every patient who walks through our door as the unique individual that they are. 

Southwest offers skin care for all skin colors including African-American, Caucasian, Pacific Asian, Latinos, African, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Asian. 

Our concept is to provide expert skin care and aesthetics to our patients in a warm, pampering and respectful environment to make them feel at ease, comfortable and hopefully amazed at their skin care results.

Board certified Dr El Sherif Omar Shafie is the medical director at Southwest . He has been Aesthetic meetings and laser conferences to expand his aesthetic care training and knowledge and offer state of  the art care to his patients.

His patients are from all walks of life. Our prices for our services are fair for we take pride in not being exclusive. Our goal is to be so good that everyone will choose our services, for everyone deserves the best. 

We look forward to providing you with the best care and treatment you’ve ever received from an Aesthetic or laser practice. We look forward to earning your respect. We work hard everyday with each patient.

Please accept our personal invitation to visit Southwest,  where our experienced and talented staff of cosmetic physicians, laser nurses, skin and product specialists provide advanced skincare treatments.

Thank you for your interest in Southwest,

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Aesthletic and laser care 


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